Michele Morehouse  pastel drawings and paintings

the images below are 9x7" Sennelier pastels on arches cover 
Song Sparrow
9x7"  2002
collection of Marguerite Descovitch 
pastel 30x31"  2003
collection of Jerry and Kathleen Murphy 
Redwinged Blackbird 2003 34x31 pastel
collection of William Mclane
Dove Love  2003 44x32" pastel
Desert Fortune
2003  30x31  pastel/arches
Mark's Summer Redbird
2003  22x35" 
collection of Jerry and Kathleen Murphy
Spring Suitor
2003   30x31" pastel/arches 
Heart's Desire 
2003  32x44"pastel

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Blue Heron  12x16"  2017 acrylic on canvas board
Sparrow  8x10"  2017  acrylic on canvas
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Volcano Eruption  8x10"  2017  acrylic on wood panel
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