.Michele Morehouse
Michele Morehouse is a ceramic artist and painter who divides her time between residences in Bodega, California and the small fishing village of Melaque, Mexico. Her love of the natural beauty of the windswept hills and coastline of western Sonoma County with it's abundance of swallows, hummingbirds, sparrows and other wildlife has given her subject matter a sense of alchemy and spirituality
 archetypes of interconnectness, expectations and fortune are explored.  
Living in Mexico since 1986 has made it's own mark on Michele's imagery.  A playful sense of vibrant color and the Mexican concept of "La Fortuna" are celebrated in the images of her paintings, drawings and  ceramic candleabras.  

Hands are a universal symbol of faith, healing and protection.  "Good Luck" and "Home Is" (above and below)  were inspired by African tribal stools.  These garden sculptures reflect the alchemy and sense of spirit found in the functional world of African art.
Dove Love  44x32  
 pastel  2003
Birdhouse  8x5x4"
raku  2007
Heart's Desire  32x44  pastel  2003
Heart Felt  12x13x5  2007
glazed earthenware
collection of Greta Kline
Jar  raku   2005  sold

Home is Where the Heart Is 
Candleabra  glazed earthenware  19x19x6"   2002
Charitas Candlestick 11x71/2x6"
glazed earthenware  2004
collection of Dorje Bond
 Birdhouse   7x5x4"  
raku    2007
glazed earthenware stool  
20x12x12   2000
private collection
  Jar raku  14x9x9  2004 
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Bluejay Love
14x17"  glazed eartheware  candleabra  2005
private collection
underglazd earthenware
raku 14x9x9" 2004
underglazed earthenware
10x10x10"  2002
Mark's Summer Redbird   22x35"  pastel 
collection Gerald Murphy
Cut Loose  15x12x4"
glazed earthenware

Birds Eye View 2011 
25x12x12"  earthenware
Jar raku  10x6x6   2004 sold
Jar raku  16x12x12   2004 sold
Jar  raku  14x8x8   2005  

Where the Heart Is 
glazed earthenware  21x11x12  2005
private collection  

Alexander's Cuckoo  22x35  pastel   2003

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Solution Graphics
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Doggie Style  20x12x12"

Songbird    30x22" pastel    2010
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Bluebird's Garden
candlestick earthenware   
15x13v6" 2010
collection Allis Teagarden
Jelly Heart,  Things that go Prick in the Night
10x10x5"  earthenware    2011
private collection
SpineFullNess    12x12x6"   candlestick earthenware      2011
collection of Susan Mertz
Handsoff      24x12x12"  
earthenware jar      2012

Allis' Candelabra
22x23x7" 2013
collection of Allis Teegarden
Allis' Candelabra with Candles 
22x23x7" 2013
collection of Allis and DudeTeegarden