Michele Morehouse  ceramics

Redbird over Oceans 14x10x10  2003  
glazed earthenware
 Catbrid Kingfisher  side 2 10x10x10  2003
glazed earthenware
 Catbird Kingfisher 10x10x10  2003   glazed earthenware

underglaze painted 11x6x6  2004 sold
Nest  Collection of C.Demeo
Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice  41x18x18    1985  Private Collection
Raku  14x10x10  2004 Sold
14x10x10  2004
A Dream for Maria 
 14x10x10    2002
collection of Thomas and Fernando
Requiem   26x17x16 1995
Private Collection
360' Cezanne  14x8x8"
2000 Private Collection
underglaze painted 
 10x10x10  2000
underglaze painted
 10x10x10  2000
Michele Morehouse
2008 glazed earthenware wall pieces  "Things that go Prick in the Night"
Calla Lily   20x9x5"   1986  polychromed earthenware  collection of Tim Duran
360 Degrees of Cezanne
29x19x15  polychromed earthenware
1984  private collection 
Hal's Cezanne
2x19x12  polychromed earthenware
collection estate of Milton Halberstadt
Return from the 7 Years War
42x22x24 poly chromed earthenware
private collection
7 Years War
Untitled  31x22x22
polychromed earthenware
collection of Rita Sperry
Na Na Na Na Na
21x20x20  1987 polychromed porcelain
private collection

Nest  16x10x10"  1984
collection Christine Demeo
Heart Felt  12x13x5"
collection of Greta Kline

Prickly Bucks 21x11x4" earthenware  2015
collection of Dorje Bond
Teatime for My Crow
16x16x16  1985  private collection 
Blue Jay Love
19x19x7"  glazed earthenware  2007  private collection
Bananas  24x24x8"
polychromed earthenware
1991  NFS
12 Step Shuffle/Vinicus Interrupticus
24x27x7"  glazed & polychromed earthenware  2000
Redbird over Oceans side 2 14x10x10  2003  
glazed earthenware
Shal Mari   12x8x3  1987
collection of Pamela Glasscock
Shekina  11x12x4  1987
collection of  Nancy Conkle
Prickly Love Candleabra
16x15x6" 2005 
collection of Allen Simon
underglaze painted 11x6x6  2004 sold
underglaze painted 11x6x6  2004 sold
underglaze painted 11x6x6  2004 sold
Raku  16x12x12 2004
Raku  16x12x12 2004
14x12x12 2004
Sugar and Creamer  underglazed painted  2002
Valley Ford School Exhibition

Bluebird's Exit
13x7x5  1985
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 Home is Where the Heart is Candelabra
19x19x6  glazed earthenware  2002

Birdhouse  8x5x4"
raku  2007
raku    2007
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Hot Heart  2015  10x13x5  
collection of Michele Korin
Things that go Prick in the Night
Jelly Heart  10x10x5  2011  
Private collection
Prickly Heart  14x18x5"
earthenware   2016
Prickly House  15x12x4"
earthenware  2014
Thorned House  14x11x10  earthenware nails string  1990
3 Thieves Jar  12x5x5"
earthenware  2016
Cactus Jar  16x7x6"
earthenware  2016
Cactus Jar   16x4x4"
earthenware  2016
Four Trees   13x4x4"  2014
collection of Janna Dziak
Hummingbird Tree  13x4x4    2013  earthenware  
collection of Gail Drost
Symbols Jar  12x5x5"  earthenware
collection of Rosa Sachs
A Devil for Maria   1999
collection of Dolores Cohen
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Bluebird Candlestick w/o candle
11x9x5"  earthenware  2016
Bluebird Candlestick 
11x9x5"  earthenware  2016
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underglazd earthenware
raku 14x9x9" 2004
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